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Family Commitment

Tuition covers about 90% of the total operating cost of the school. This is kept as low as possible because of supplementary support form the Parish, the staff, fundraisers and our faithful parents.

Every family must be committed to the philosophy, goals and objectives of St. Vincent Ferrer School and to a level of involvement that promotes the values and morals of the Church and well being of the school.

As a parent, your commitment to your child's education begins with attending Parents and Friends meetings that are held every other month on a Tuesday night (a minimum of 3 out of the 5 scheduled). Parents are expected to give 30 hours of participation per family (15 hours for single parent households). Each family is expected to participate in fundraising and Scrip in the amounts designated in their contract, unless they choose the buyout option.

Parent participation also helps maintain the sense of community that makes Catholic education special, and provides an example to your child of your involvement and commitment to their future.